GameConClave | CONsortium
A convention for Tabletop games
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What can you find at the CONsortium?

Role Playing Games

Role Playing Games

Role Playing Games
War Games

War Games

War Games
Board Games

Board Games

Board Games
Card Games

Card Games

Card Games

Join Us

A very special event takes place on August 17th.

Beginning at Noon, join a party of adventurers and your dungeon master. Make your way through a series of events until you find an invitation — an invitation with your name on it, sealed in blood.


At 6pm, dinner is called, and you can make your way into the ballroom. While you, as a player, experience a full 4 course meal, your character will be experiencing it as well. You’ll be entertained by a unique role play experience that includes theatrical interludes, music, dancing, and some amazing and delightful food.


Join all of our special guests at once. Dress up in formal wear or cosplay as your character.


You cannot miss this one of a kind special event!


Note that this event will be a featured event in the schedule, will have limited seating available, and will have an additional premium charge to attend.

The Grand Orlando Resort

  • 700+ 4-person rooms at very reasonable rates
  • Two pools, Tiki Bar, Sauna
  • Restaurant, Diner, gift shop, Starbucks
  • Complimentary scheduled transportation to Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center
  • In-room refrigerators
  • Local phone calls and toll free calls
  • Fitness center
  • Complimentary business center
  • Complimentary parking
  • Lighted Tennis courts, basketball court and sand volleyball

Reserve your room today!

When you reserve your room, use code


for the convention rate!

Note: You must make your reservation by calling 1-407-396-7000 (option 1) to receive the convention rate.


What is the GameConclave?

We are a secretive group of gamers whose mission it is to spread gaming fun throughout the land.

What is the CONsortium?

The CONsortium is our yearly gathering wherein we welcome any and all to partake in every facet of gaming: Role Playing, Wargaming, Card games, Boardgaming, Cosplay, Streaming, LARPing — anything you can imagine.

What are the hours of the CONsortium?

The CONsortium runs from 8am to 12am on Friday, August 17th; from 8am to 12am on Saturday, August 18th; and from 8am to 4pm on Sunday, August 19th.

Where can I buy a badge?

There are a number of options available, and you can buy them all here!

Who are your special guests?

We haven’t yet announced our special guests, but those announcements will be coming soon!

Can I submit my own events?

Event submission will open on April 1st!


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