GameConClave | Event Submission
A convention for Tabletop games
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Event Submission

Running a Game at GameConclave

In order to run a game at a GameConclave convention, you must first have purchased a Regular or VIG weekend badge. Submitting an event does not assure the event of being accepted to our program. Having an event accepted to the program does not relieve the obligation of purchasing a badge. Rewards and reimbursements for badges take place at the end of the convention.


Run 16 Hours or More

If you run 16 hours or more of gaming, you get all of the physical benefits of a VIG Badge: A custom t-shirt and a bottomless stadium cup, as well as a custom die for that year’s convention. After you’ve completed 16 hours of DMing, any time during the convention, you can see the badge counter to receive a reimbursement on your badge (Note: This is a reimbursement for a Regular Weekend badge). If you neglect to do this during the convention, we can also manage the reimbursement online, you would just need to contact us.


Event Submission

Event submission is now open! Click here to get your badge and start submitting your events!